Saturday, January 22, 2011

One Size Does Not Fit All

Every person has owned one at some time or another—the infamous “one-size-fits-all” shirt, hat, or covering of some type. If you’ve looked around lately at all, you’ve certainly noticed that everyone is NOT the same! Short, tall, curvy, straight, round, and not-so-round. Have you ever looked in the mirror after putting on one of those things?! Name one person who actually looked flattering in a “one-size-fits-all.”
We are all different—in shape, personality, talents and strengths. Jesus knows this—after all, He’s the One who made us! (Psalm 139:13) He also knows that each of us has a set of experiences from the time of our birth that are uniquely our own. Even though some of us have experienced the same joys, hurts, and failures in life, still, each experience has its differences.

Knowing this, Jesus does not try to force us into a single mold when it comes to healing our hearts. There is no set formula. A + B does not always equal C. In terms of a healing journey (I use the word “journey” because heart-healing is a process), my husband likes to say, “Everyone’s on the same journey, just the scenery is different.” God’s aim is to make us whole, but because of our uniqueness, His ways of getting us there will be both similar AND different.

Last week we dissected just one blind man’s story of healing through Jesus in the gospel of Mark. Remember how Jesus spit on his eyes and put His hands on them (twice) before He could see clearly. In Mark chapter 10, blind Bartimaeus is healed by the simple words of Jesus saying his faith had made him well. To one pair of blind men in Matthew 9 crying out for healing, Jesus asked if they believed He could do this, and upon a “yes” answer, He touched their eyes so they could see. Another set approached Jesus later in chapter 20 crying out for the same, and Jesus asked them what they wanted him to do—a different question, and yet again, a simple touch to meet their need.

One size does not fit all.

My own encounter with Jesus began several years ago as I had been praying through a certain set of scripture verses on a daily basis. One verse in particular just didn’t seem to apply to me, so after weeks of this I implored my thoughts to Jesus. When He put His loving finger on the infirmities hidden deep in my heart, I gasped at the sight of my own condition, now in plain view. Gently and lovingly He began, with my permission (He is a gentleman), to touch every wound I had. And I devoured every book, song, sermon, and scripture He sent my way to facilitate healing over the few years that followed!

God knows you and understands you inside and out—He doesn’t miss a single beat (Psalm 139). Therefore, He knows exactly what will be most effective for you on this road to wholeness. Be on the look out for the Spirit’s leading. The little nudges to read “this” book, or listen to “that” song. Sometimes when we’re not trying so hard to figure it all out, He surprises us with answers.

(Beware that not all spirits are of His Spirit. The Bible tells us in 1 John 4:1 to test the spirits and see whether they are from God, that many false prophets have gone out into the world. If you come across anything that is not in line with what He tells us in the Bible, it is not from Him!)

There are a few books listed on the right-hand side bar of this blog that promise to be freeing, and not just another book to tell you what you aren’t doing right or need to do better. Under the “Music” tab you will find songs of promise and healing. If you like to write, grab a journal and pen your thoughts, prayers, and God’s revelations along the way. Make a CD of the songs that speak to you, or add them to your ipod. Jesus is ready and waiting with the perfect fit for you.

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